User Settings

We've built some account-level User Settings to give you more control over your Outlinx experience.

Username, Email & Password

At the top of the User Settings screen you'll see your profile pic and username. Tap on the profile pic anytime if you want to change it. If you created an account by entering an email and password you can tap on the name below your profile pic to change the user name, email, or password for your account. If you created an account using Google sign in, Apple sign in, or Facebook sign in then the email and password associated with your account are controlled by the service that provided the sign in method.

In the upper right of the screen there's also a button to "SIGN OUT" of your account. Tap this button if you want to sign out of your account for whatever reason.

Manage Device Permissions

Tap the "Manage Device Permissions" button to set or change the permissions you allow the Outlinx app to access on your mobile device.

  • iOS: On iOS you can manage permissions for Photos, Camera, Siri & Search, Notifications, and Cellular Data. To get the most out of Outlinx we recommend allowing Outlinx to access Photos, and use the Camera. Notifications are also a nice feature if you plan on sharing Outlinx with other users.

  • Android: On Android you can manage permissions for Camera, Files & Media, Notifications. You can also see some stats that Android provides such as the amount of internal storage used, screen time, and some others. To get the most out of Outlinx we recommend allowing Outlinx to access the Camera, and Files & Media. Notifications are also a nice feature if you plan on sharing Outlinx with other users.

Opt-In Settings

Tap the "Opt-In Settings" button to let us know if you'd like to receive important email communications from Outlinx. When you initially create your account you'll be presented with this option as well. We recommend that you set this to "Yes" so that you can get the latest news about Outlinx, and also hear about special discounts and features.

Image & Video Rules

There are currently some limitations for uploading images and videos. Tap "Image & Video Rules" to view review the rules.

  • To upload a video it must be 150MB or less.

  • To upload a video file the Outlinx Page must be linked to an Outlinx QR code.

  • The Notes space can only contain up to 5 embedded images, videos, and media thumbnails.

  • Videos added via YouTube URL can be any length and do not need to be linked to an Outlinx QR code.

  • The Media space can contain unlimited images, videos, and media thumbnails.

Default Settings for New Pages

Tap the "Default Settings for New Pages" button to open a menu where you can set the default settings for new Outlinx pages. So when you create new Outlinx pages they will automatically have these options chosen. You can always change these options for an individual page in the ellipses menu for the page.

About Outlinx

Just some basic info about Outlinx. Including the version number and release date. The main Outlinx website is also linked here.

Contact Us

Tap "Contact Us" to start an email to . If you have any trouble or other questions about the app don't hesitate to reach out. We usually reply within 12 hours.


A link to our Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

A link to our Terms And Conditions

Delete My Account

You can delete your account anytime by hitting the "Delete My Account" button at the bottom of the list. You'll be asked to confirm that you want to delete your account. Deleting your Outlinx account will automatically remove the following information from our database and you won't be able to retrieve it.

  • all Outlinx pages you created

  • your email, username, and password

  • all comments you posted

  • all images & videos you uploaded

Additionally any Outlinx QR codes you linked to pages will be unlinked. The codes will return to the new unused state.

You can always create another account and start over.

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