Create Your First Outlinx Page

There are two ways to create an Outlinx page

Create A Page By Scanning A New Outlinx Code

If you already have a pack of Outlinx stickers, or something else with an Outlinx code on it, then all you have to do is open the app and scan the code. On the Scan screen a preview will pop-up that says "Create a new Outlinx page", tap the preview, and you'll be presented with a blank Outlinx page. Here you can enter any information you want. Give it a title, some text notes, or add an image or video. Hit the "Save" button in the upper right of the screen to save the page. This Outlinx page is now linked to the Outlinx code you scanned.

During the initial page creation process you'll also see an "X" in the upper left of the screen. If you want to discard the page simple hit the "X" and the new page will be deleted.

Create A Page Thru The Folders Screen

You can also create a new Outlinx page without scanning a fresh Outlinx code. To do this go to the Folders screen, and tap the "+" button in the upper right. Choose "Add Note", and you'll be presented with a blank Outlinx page. You can enter information, save, or discard your new page in the same way that's described above.

If you create a new page using this method it won't automatically be linked to an Outlinx code. So you have to link it manually. To link the page to a code, simply open the page, open the ellipses menu (3 dots in upper right of screen), then tap the option "Link to Outlinx QR Code". When the Scan screen opens just scan the Outlinx code you want to link the page to. The scan preview will pop up with a message that says "Tap to Link". Just tap that preview message and the page is now linked to the code. You'll receive an on-screen notification that says "Linked" if done successfully.

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