The Scan Screen

Learn all about scanning Outlinx QR Codes

The button for the Scan screen can be found in the main navigation menu, at the bottom of the screen, on the left. When you first open the app it will open to the Scan screen by default. You can use the buttons in the main navigation menu to switch between the Folders area, the Scan screen, and the Notifications area.

The Basics of Scanning

In order to use the Scan screen you must give Outlinx permission to access the camera in your device. To scan an Outlinx QR code simply get it in focus on the screen and a preview message will pop up. This preview provides some basic information about the QR code you scanned.

It's important to have enough light to scan and read any QR code. If you need more light you can turn on your device's flash by hitting the button in the upper right of the screen. It looks like a lightning bolt.

Scan Preview Messages

These are the messages you'll see when using the Outlinx mobile app to scan QR codes.

  • Create a new Outlinx: You'll see this message if you scan a brand new Outlinx QR code. Tap the preview to create a new page, and the page will be automatically linked to the code.

  • A preview of the Outlinx page: If you see a small preview of an Outlinx page, that means you scanned an Outlinx QR code that is already linked to a page. Tap the preview to open the page.

  • If you see this it means you scanned a QR code that will take you to the Outlinx website. Tap the preview to visit

  • this is not an Outlinx: You'll see this if you scan a QR code that's not an Outlinx QR code.

  • Error, Oops Outlinx not recognized: You shouldn't see this message. This means you scanned an Outlinx QR code that was used for development purposes.

You can also unlink an Outlinx QR code from a page. To do this scan an Outlinx QR code, and when the preview pops up, tap and hold on it for a few seconds. Then a menu will appear asking if you'd like to unlink the Outlinx QR code.

When you unlink an Outlinx QR code from a page, the QR code will return to a brand new unused state. At this point you're free to link another page to it.

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