The Comments Space

All about the Comments space

The icon for the Comments space looks like a comment bubble and it's on the right of the bottom page navigation menu. You can tap those icons to move between the Notes space, Media space, and Comments space.

Use this space to post a comment to an Outlinx page. This feature comes in handy when sharing an Outlinx with multiple people. You can choose if you'd like to receive notifications when other users post a comment on a page you either own or have saved. The Comments space can also be turned off for a page if it's not needed.

Posting a Comment

Posting a comment is pretty straight forward. Just go to the Comments space and tap on the field that says "Write Comment". The keyboard will then open and you can start typing. When you're finished writing your comment, and want to send it just tap the small purple button on the right.

Adding Media to a Comment

You can also add media to a comment. To do so just tap the icon that looks like an image placeholder to the left of the comment field. That will open up a menu where you can choose what kind of media to add. This works the same way it does on the Media space. Please refer to the "Media Space" page in this user guide if you'd like to see a description of the different types of media.

Deleting a Comment

If you posted a comment, and you want to delete it, simply swipe left on the comment and hit the red "Delete" button. To do this the comment has to be in the feed.

Turning Comments Off

Owners of an Outlinx page can turn off the Comments space for the page. To do this the owner of the page should set "Comments enabled" to off in the ellipses menu.

Notifications for Comments

For pages you either created or saved, you can set "Notifications for comments" to either on or off. You can find this option in the ellipses menu for the Outlinx page. When a user has "Notifications for comments" set to on for a page, they will receive a notification anytime another user posts a comment to that page.

Sorting Comments

You can sort the list of comments. This is useful for Outlinx pages that have a lot of comments on them. There are two sorting options:

  • Recent: This option sorts the list of comments from oldest at the top, to newest at the bottom, and automatically scrolls to the most recent comment.

  • Likes: This option sorts the list of comments from most liked at the top, to least liked at the bottom, and automatically scrolls to the most liked comment. Liked comments are ones where another user tapped the heart (aka like) button.

Reporting Comments

If someone posted a comment to a page and you want to get it removed you can report it. Simply swipe left on the comment, and hit the green "Report" button. Outlinx support will receive a notification and we can take care of it.

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